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The TURA Board of Directors adopted new guidelines on September 13, 2017 for those applying for funding assistance from the agency.

Projects will now be divided into Public projects and Private projects.  Those governmental or municipal entity project will be considered Public projects.  Private property owners, tenants, commercial property owners, and non-profit organizations will be considered Private projects.  All other prior assistance programs have been eliminated and are replaced with two assistance programs effective September 13, 2017.

The new guidelines can be review here:

Public Project Guidelines and Application Packet

Private Project Guidelines and Application Packet

In January 2017, the agency Board of Directors adopted a Pre-Application form, which is the first step towards applying for TURA assistance.  Anyone seeking assistance needs to complete and return the Pre-Application form to begin the process.

Download HERE for TURA Pre-Application Forms

NOTE: Pre-Applications must be turned in the the TURA office at 210 Laurel Avenue by the third Wednesday of the month to be reviewed by the Proposal and Justification Committee at their regularly scheduled committee meeting.  Pre-Application interviews will be held on the fourth Wednesday of the month at the P&J Committee meetings.


With an eye toward enhancing economic development and improving the quality of life for Tillamook’s citizens, the City developed a 25-year plan, which began in 2006, to revitalize the community and established an Urban Renewal Agency to oversee it.

The Urban Renewal Plan was developed in a series of eight public meetings and public workshops held between January and September 2006. The meetings were conducted by a Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) appointed by the City Council. The CAC reviewed and helped develop all aspects of the Urban Renewal Plan. Both the City Planning Commission and the Tillamook County Board of Commissioners discussed and signed off on the plan and it was adopted by the Tillamook City Council in November of 2006.

The purpose of the Urban Renewal Plan is to eliminate blighting influences found in the Tillamook Urban Renewal Area, to implement goals and objectives of Tillamook’s Comprehensive Plan and to support the continued development of the area as a safe, clean and affordable community.

TURA offers assistance to public agencies and to private business owners, building owners, and residential owners.  Assistance can be in the form of grants, loans, or a combination.  

If you are interested if finding out if your project fits into the TURA Goals and Objectives and Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) please read the following: 

TURA Goals and Objectives


For more information and requirements please review the program guidelines on this page or on the Document Download page or call Executive Assistant Debbi Reeves at (503)374-1830, Monday through Thursday, 9 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Please click on the table below to review the different projects that TURA has assisted with for the past 7 years.

 TURA Project List 7-20-2015_Page_1     

debbi 2-web
 Debbi Reeves - Executive Assistant
210 Laurel Ave. Tillamook, OR 97141
(503) 842-2472 Ext. 3463 or Direct (503)374-1830 Fax (503) 842-3445

Tillamook Urban Renewal Agency

The Tillamook Urban Renewal Agency Board is the governing body for the Urban Renewal Agency and oversees planning and execution of urban renewal projects and activities.

Agency Board of Directors for 2017

Chairman Adam Schwend
Vice Chairman Tom Connaughton
Cheryl Davy
Carolyn Decker
Doug Henson
Ruth LaFrance
Suzanne Weber

NOTE: If you would like to volunteer for the TURA Board of Directors please use the City Volunteer application on documents page.

Downloadable Documents

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