TURA Blade Sign Program

Guidelines and Standards

Blade signage is primarily pedestrian-oriented. The size, lettering, and placement of signs
were, for the most part, designed to attract the attention of foot and slower-moving traffic.
Projecting signs tend to be relatively small, frequently rectangular in shape and constructed
of wood.


The Tillamook Urban Renewal Agency (TURA) has implemented a Blade Sign Grant Program

  1. Enhance the exterior condition of businesses in the Tillamook Urban Renewal District.
  2. Restore the historic character of buildings within the district.
  3. Improve private assets of the District by revitalizing distinctiveness and integrity of downtown structures.

Eligible Improvements:

  1. Blade signs appropriate for the façade improvement and architecture.
  2. Non-illuminating signs that are compatible with other buildings on the block and that conform to the standards of the Tillamook City Code.
  3. Sign removal, replacement, or repair.
  4. Installation, repair, or replacement to existing blade signs.

Ineligible Projects:

  1. Structural improvements.
  2. Removal of architecturally important features.

Application Process:

In order to receive a Blade Sign Grant the building owner, or tenant approved by thebuilding owner, shall proceed with the following:

  1. Review the design guidelines.
  2. Complete and submit the Blade Sign Grant Application forms, including necessary
  3. permits.
  4. Submit cost estimates for the proposed blade sign. Bids must be provided if the work is being done by a contractor.

Applicants Responsibilities:

Applicant shall be responsible for payment of all permits and fees required by CityOrdinance and Code, and Tillamook County Community Development sign requirements.

Conditions of Approval:

Design review will be completed by TURA and will be performed in order of submission. Approval will be contingent upon available funds. The following criteria must also be met:

  1. Blade sign must be placed on property within the TURA District.
  2. Blade sign must conform to the standards of the Tillamook Zoninb znc Development Code and the Tillamook Town Center Plan.
  3. Properties must be up to date on all municipal taxes, including Business LicenseRegistration.
  4. Conditions of Approval may be developed by TURA Board and shall be attached to the application.
  5. Funding is limited to one grant per business/storefront, per 12 month period.

Approval Procedures:

  1. Upon receipt of all application materials described above, City staff will review the application and refer it to the TURA Board of Directors.
  2. The Board will then make a decision based upon the character of the proposeddesign and its compliance with the design standards of the Tillamook Town Center Plan.
  3. If approved, City staff will contact the applicant and installation may begin afterthe Grant Approval Agreement is signed by the applicant. If not approved, theTURA Board will provide a written record of reason(s) for rejection. The Board may also include recommendations for steps that may be taken to receive approval.
  4. Successful applicants must sign the Blade Sign Grant Approval Agreement.

Payment Procedures:

  1. Installation may begin only after the application is reviewed by the TURA andreferred to the TURA Board for approval. Any work done prior to formal approval will not be eligible for grant reimbursement.
  2. Grants will be issued only after construction is complete. Projects must becompleted within twelve (12) months of approval by the Tillamook Urban Renewal Agency. Upon completion of a project City staff must be contacted for a site inspection. If the inspection finds that the project complies with all standards and conditions above and, with the pre-approved plans submitted with the application, TURA shall provide funding as follows:

A. One hundred percent (100%) of the total cost of the bracket and installation up to a maximum contribution of $200. TURA will retain full ownership of the bracket installed.

B. Fifty percent (50%) of the cost for the sign up to a maximum contribution of $250.00; and,

If a contractor is used, a written invoice must be provided to the TURA ContractCommittee before funds will be granted. If a contractor is not used, receipts must beprovided to the Contract Committee before a reimbursement will be issued. Only materials may be reimbursed for projects that do not use a contractor.  Receipts and invoices must be accompanied by proof of payment (i.e. cancelled checks).  Funds shall then be dispersed within fifteen (15) days from the date of invoice receipt.

Additional Information:


Projecting signs (those signs placed perpendicular to the building façade) may be attached to the wall surface or hung from the underside of a marquee, balcony, or awning.

The total aggregate area for all projecting signs on a building shall not be greater than one (1) square foot for each lineal foot of building frontage.  In the case of more than one frontage, the frontage having an entrance/exit open to the general public shall be used to determine building frontage.  The sign designs shall be reviewed by the Streetscapes Committee and recommended to the TURA Board for approval.

A.  Rectangular, straight-edged, and oval signs are the preferred shape for signs; however, signs with highly stylized, curvilinear edges are encouraged if they are designed in a 1930/1940’s motif.
B.  Sign graphics shall be carved, applied, painted, or stained.
C.  Sign graphics shall be simple and bold.
D.  The number of colors used on signs shall be minimized for maximum effect.  Six (6) colors including the background color is the maximum.  Fluorescent colors are not allowed.
E.  When lighting is used for signs, only subdued and shielded lighting that is focused on the sign shall be allowed.  No inside illuminated signs or reader-board signs shall be allowed.

Installation of projecting signs shall be compatible with the architecture of the building and shall be below the sill of the second story windows or below the roof line, eave, or parapet of a one-story building.  No sign projecting over the public right-of-way shall be less than eight (8) feet from the ground level.

A.  No sign or portion thereof shall be so placed as to obstruct any fire escape,standpipe or human exit from a window located above the first floor of a building; obstruct any door or exit from a building; obstruct any required light or ventilation, and shall provide adequate vision clearance.

B.  Any projecting sign shall be located no less than eight (8) feet above the sidewalk as measured from the bottom edge of the sign.

C.  All installation of projecting signs and brackets shall be in compliance with the Tillamook Town Center Plan, Section 22(7) and Section 24, Signs Standards and Requirements.

It is recommended that the applicant discuss their project with the Board or ProposalCommittee prior to submitting an application. Questions and applications shall besubmitted to:

Tillamook Urban Renewal Agency
210 Laurel Avenue
Tillamook, OR 97141

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