Hoquarton Interpretive Trail

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Hoquarton Interpretive Trail 

The Hoquarton Slough once served as a water route to Tillamook, Oregon, for fishing boats entering the city from the Pacific Ocean. Before European settlement, the Tillamook Indian Tribe hunted and fished in and around the slough’s rich natural environment. The Hoquarton Interpretive Trail was built in a cooperative effort between the City, volunteers and a number of granting agencies.

Located along the banks of the slough in the heart of the downtown area just north of the bridge at 1st Street and Highway 101, the trail and park area was cleared of invasive plants and restored to its natural vegetation. It began with a multi-year process that combined ideas and concepts developed by dozens of local citizens, elected officials and representatives of various governmental agencies and organizations, primarily the City of Tillamook and the Tillamook Estuaries Partnership, with assistance from the National Park Service’s Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program for the Pacific West Region based in Seattle, Wash.

City crews graded the center section and placed interpretive signs provided with a grant from Tillamook Estuaries Partnership. The east end and center section are planted with memorial trees provided by the Tillamook chapter of AAUW. A parking area, viewing platform and trails have been built and a gleaming sculpture marks the entrance. The project illustrates the history of the area while also providing a safe pedestrian and bike path.

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