Public Works Department

Public Works Department

The Public Works Department oversees the city’s streets, parks, water system, storm water and wastewater treatment facility. The Public Works Director is Tim Lyda.

Field Operations maintain the storm water system, street surfaces, perform asphalt overlays and some concrete work. Field Technicians help with line installations and repair for water and sewer lines. They also oversee the city’s parks, which include Goodspeed Park, Carnahan Park, Coatsville Park and the Hoquarten Slough Interpretive Trail.

Plant Operations encompass both the Water and Sewer Systems.

The Water Plant maintains the water delivery system and works to protect and preserve the highest possible water quality. Water tests are performed monthly to check for coliform bacteria and tests are also performed whenever there is a water line break. The results of the annual water quality report, which is submitted to state regulators, are posted here.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant oversees operation and maintenance of the City’s Class 4 wastewater treatment facility, sewer collection system, and associated lift stations in compliance with State and Federal regulations.

Water Quality Reports

Storm Water Management

Water and Sewer Rates




Timothy Lyda
Public Works Director
210 Laurel Ave.
Tillamook, OR 97141
(503) 812-8802
Fax (503) 842-3445

Shawn Burge’
Assistant Public Works Director
210 Laurel Ave.
Tillamook, OR 97141
(503) 812-8803
Fax (503) 842-3445


Wastewater Operations

Water Operations

Field Operations


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