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Tillamook Fire District

In 1993, the 104-year-old Tillamook Fire Department was merged into the regional Tillamook Fire District, which now handles firefighting in Tillamook and the surrounding region.

Tillamook Fire District was created in 1993 by a vote of the citizens of the City of Tillamook and the surrounding Tillamook Rural Fire Protection District. The result was the consolidation of two governing bodies into one.

Tillamook Fire District operates out of three fire stations located within the 97 square miles of district boundary and is dispatched by the Tillamook 911 center. The main fire station is located in the City of Tillamook and houses a vast majority of the district apparatus, equipment, and is the primary station. One satellite rural station is located in the Pleasant Valley area and another in the coastal community of Cape Meares. District volunteers operate from all stations.

The district provides fire protection and emergency services to approximately 11,000 full-time residents who live within the district boundaries of the City of Tillamook and the surrounding rural areas of Kilchis, Idaville, Cape Meares, Trask, Wilson, Fairview, South Prairie, Bewley Creek, and Pleasant Valley.

District Office
2310 4th. Street
Tillamook, OR 97141
Business Line 503.842.7587
Fax Line 503.842.4331
Web site:

Tillamook 9-1-1 Center

Tillamook County Emergency Communications District was formed in 1988. In 1986 the Tillamook County Sheriff’s Office began operating the county’s Primary Public Safety Answering Point and centralized multi-jurisdictional dispatch center. This proved not to be financially viable, so the Tillamook County Board of Commissioners appointed a blue ribbon panel to explore alternative solutions. In late 1988, the Tillamook County Communications District was approved by the voters and became the state’s first 9-1-1 District.

Tillamook County Emergency Communications District
Administration Offices
P.O. Box 911
Tillamook, OR 97141
503.842.3446 phone
503.842.8805 fax
Web site:
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